Why choose ZooLoos?

Whatever the occasion ZooLoos has a product to suit, that is both efficient and stylish. Across all of ranges of loos,
we use vacuum technology that sucks out the waste, using a very minimal amount of water compared to your
standard home loo. We believe every detail of your event should be perfect right down to the loos!

We supply our facilities to anywhere in the UK, even abroad! We have a fantastic range of products that are easily transported using our own vehicles, so you can experience luxury anywhere!

We supply all of the above for every job, plus luxury soaps and moisturisers. We can even supply cotton hand towels – just ask us to quote. If preferred, we can supply particular brands for guests at an additional cost.

Of course! Our costs are typically per weekend, but we also cater for single day events too. The price will be the same as our weekend rate.

Certainly, we supply equipment for many long-term installations. Depending on our availability, we’ll always try help. We installed temporary loos at Liverpool Football Club for nine months and Oxford University for three years during refurbishments.

Generally speaking, we appreciate a good few weeks before the event. But for larger events, we advise booking as early as possible. We get booked up very quickly during the summer season, so if you have an event in the summer it’s best to book far in advance. Having said that, we are very accommodating and quick at turning things around, so don’t hesitate to call us even if you think it’s too late.

It depends on how much equipment you have hired and what kind. We’ll deliver the equipment with our 7 tonne lorries, artic trucks, or our 4x4s. Let us know when you’d like delivery and collection and we’ll always try work around you.

We can either plumb all waste to go straight into mains drains (if this is available) or into one of our waste tanks. To keep your costs down, we’ll source local specialists to empty your tank. It’s ideal if your location has a soak away for grey water waste from the showers, as this is a very cost- effective method.

We require an adequate water supply of at least 2-bar pressure so our engineers can plumb everything in. If your pressure is low we can always install a water tank, which we’ll fill before the event. Please note water is not included with the tanks – we’d have to ask our supplier to quote for this.

This depends on the type of equipment, as our ZooVac flexible modular system must go undercover, whereas our 12 bays, 3 bays and showers can go outside. We’ll tailor the positioning of our facilities to suit your available space. Just ask our experienced team and we’ll help design the layout and even create a CAD plan for you.

Yes, we do. We offer two types of disabled loos, plus a shower-and-loo-in- one for disabled people. Just give us a call and we’ll accommodate you.

We like to let you just sit back and relax, but there are a few things you can check before we get to site. Is the access clear and wide enough for the delivery lorry (which could be an artic)? Are the power and water supplies ready and running for us to plug everything into? If the loos are going inside a carpeted marquee, has the carpet been covered just in case we leave muddy footprints behind when we install the loos (though of course we’ll try and be as careful as possible)? If you have any concerns, please call. We’d love to help.

It’s best to ask us beforehand, so we can advise you on exactly what you’ll need, as our various products require different power levels.

With our ZooVac equipment we usually place an engineer onsite. They’ll pass you their number, just in case you have any issues. Otherwise please call us at the office on 01258 840233 and we’ll send one of our experienced engineers over. If the problem lies with us we will of course fix it for free, but if the problem is caused by customer negligence or mistreatment, unfortunately we shall bill accordingly.

Depending on how long your event is and the capacity of guests daily, we may need to service the hired equipment and empty the waste tanks with a local supplier. If you’re unsure, please call us to double-check.

Our Powder room is where our loos, showers and pamper tent all come together for an event. Our pamper tent features large ornate mirrors, stools and hair tools by a designer brand. We also have a reception tent, mobile phone charging point and a communal lounge area at some of our events (or at your personal request).



If you didn’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to give us a call or write a quick note.

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