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From famous music festivals to world-renowned sporting events… #ZooCrew are well travelled and have tales to tell

The Cheltenham Festival 2015-2020

Location: Cheltenham Racecourse

With the Festival in full swing, Zoo Events Group and ZooLoos Director, Laurence Wigfield looks back on the 6 years we have been supplying our luxury vacuum loos as part of GL events UK.

Directors Insight:

“We were first approached by GL events UK back in 2015 to supply our ZooVac Washrooms to the popular Final Flight Bar at the November meet and Festival, the brief was simple; to provide a high-end product that was versatile, cost effective and above all gave a fresh approach to modular temporary toilets. With a brand new stock of units, we were delighted to be working alongside GL on this project and to be able to showcase the benefits of using vacuum toilets over standard gravity flushing systems – less water, no chemicals and a more enjoyable user experience.

Our Zoovac washrooms are individual units allowing us to custom design each area to maximise the best use of space as well as being able to adjust the quantities depending on the ratio of the clientele. As GL increased the scope and complexity of their contribution to Cheltenham Festival, so too did our supply of modular units – to date ZooLoos supplies over 100 cubicles, 80 vanity sinks, 90 urinals and 12 disabled units over 13 different structures. By using specialist vacuum pumps, we could build washrooms in the triple deck structures that GL are now showcasing for the Jockey Club, notably the Parade Ring viewing boxes. Our dedicated and skilled team of Engineers understand the precise requirements of the event, no challenge was refused and by working closely with the client on plans, layouts, water and waste solutions they could accommodate the needs of the event with ease.”

Project Manager Dan Steel commented, “Cheltenham was one of the first jobs I was involved with when I joined the company in 2015, back then we only provided a fraction of what we do now and it has been an exciting journey with GL and Cheltenham increasing our presence as the Festival has grown year on year. With the need for precise planning of all the hospitality areas key to the overall build I’ve enjoyed the challenge of designing the washroom layouts and configurations. Our ZooVac Washrooms are so much more versatile than our competitors which has allowed us to create the bespoke washrooms the Jockey Club required.”

Senior Engineer Dane Barry has lead the install for the 2019-2020 install, “Cheltenham is certainly the biggest project I now manage and being a racing fan it’s clearly my favourite event on our calendar.  Working closely with GL events UK staff, I am responsible for the entire delivery and execution of the install of our washrooms. We’ve certainly had our challenges, notably with the triple deck structures where the water and waste must be spot on as there is no margin for error once the event is live. It’s an extremely satisfying feeling when I’ve signed off the build with the client knowing that 1000’s of people will be using our facilities over the coming days. I never really relax though until the event is over!” 

ZOZO Championship 2019 PGA Tour

Location: Inzai, Greater Tokyo, Japan

An incredible first for ZooLoos, working in Japan. Our Zoovac washrooms spent 6 weeks at sea, survived Typhoon Hagibis and landed in Toyko ready for the team to install.

Employee Experience:

“We set off at 5am unsure where our final destination would be, Typhoon Hagibis was set to hit Tokyo the day we landed so pre-flight nerves were definitely higher than usual. We ended up spending a few nights in Shanghai waiting for the Typhoon to pass, China was certainly eye-opening. Several domestic flights later we finally arrived in Tokyo. Our hotel was great but I think we did forget that Japan tend to do things on the smaller side, you’ll see what we mean by the picture of Reece in the bath tub.”

“Our first day of install was mad, the golf course was huge, we had the tour and Health and Safety briefing via golf buggy. Despite the language barrier the crew were very efficient and we managed to install 5 areas of Zoovac in 5 days when the original time frame was double this. The install was fairly routine other than unloading the washrooms one by one from the container via forklift, onto a flatbed then driving a few miles up to a marquee 4m above ground. It was certainly challenging but we rose to it.”

“Having finished ahead of schedule we travelled into Tokyo City to be typical tourists. We visited the famous Skytree, the tallest building in Tokyo City, the Shinto shrine, Shinjuku City where the buzzing clubs and karaoke rooms can be found and Shibuya, famous for its scramble crossing. We ate some pretty weird and wonderful things, sea urchins and sea slugs, we aren’t desperate to try them again but the ramen and fried chicken was incredible. Watching the Rugby England match with locals and our colleagues from MTD at Golden Gui was very surreal, but the Highballs went down well. 

The Zozo Championship itself went pretty smoothly, unfortunately the aftermath of Typhoon Hagibis was on everyone’s minds and the rainfall was pretty horrendous forcing some rounds to be cancelled. We did catch a glimpse of Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy though. After 4 weeks away we were glad to get on our flight home but certainly wouldn’t pass up an opportunity to go back, Japan was fantastic and the food was incredible.”


Dane Barry – Project Engineer & Reece Cooper – Temp Engineer (normally heads up ZooBells but is called upon for toilet duties)

SailGP 2019

Location: Cowes, Isle of Wight

With extreme weather conditions Australia delivered a masterclass in sailing, whilst ZooLoos delivered a masterclass in posh loos… as always!

Employee Experience:

“I have worked for ZooLoos for over 4 years and have travelled to many locations all over the country and abroad but it was nice to put my feet up whilst on the ferry to Cowes and take in the scenery, although the laptop was always open. ZooLoos had never supplied toilets to a sailing event before so it was refreshing to be in a new atmosphere but alongside a client of ours we work with regularly. Although Zoo Crew are always prepared for installs we weren’t quite expecting the adverse weather conditions we experienced, good job we packed extra layers and managed to install the ZooVac washrooms efficiently to avoid any soggy bottoms. The weather did force a few races to be cancelled but I did get to see The Great Britain SailGP Team compete, perks of the job!”

Dan Steel – Project Manager

Cartier Queen's Cup Tournament 2019

Location: The Guards Polo Club

Our beautiful ZooVac range installed into another famous event at The Guards Polo, this is the first time we have done this event and we hope to take our exquisite washrooms back next year.

Employee Experience:

“The Guards Polo Club was magnificent, I’ve been to so many prestigious events all over the country however this was something else. Our luxury washrooms have been supplied to the Queen quite a few times, by now she must know our brand! So much so that I had to move the work vehicle out of sight as she thought it wasn’t in-keeping with the Polo grounds… when the Queen asks you do! Until next time Liz…”

Dane Barry – Project Engineer

Epsom Derby 2018

Location: Epsom Racecourse

Providing our luxury ZooVac toilets and vanities for the Tattenham, Coral and Press enclosures at the famous Epsom Racecourse.

Employee Experience:

“I had a really nice time rigging our facilities at Epsom. It has such lovely surroundings and the view of the racecourse is particularly spectacular. The site crew are always helpful and we love being a part of such a prestigious and famous racing event!”

Steve Adams – Transport Manager and Engineer

UEFA Champions League Final 2018

Location: Olympisky Stadium, Ukraine

Providing our luxury ZooVac toilets and vanities for hospitality at the 2018 UEFA Champions league final and their sponsors in Kiev.

Employee Experience:

“I had a great time working over in Ukraine for the UEFA Champions league, we have worked for them before at the Champions league final in Cardiff last year which was equally as exciting. There was a really good vibe in Kiev and everyone was extremely friendly and hospitable. We managed to have some free time to explore Kiev and got to visit the Olympisky stadium pre- match which was amazing! The food is also excellent (and the beer!) All the crew that we worked with over there were amazing and we felt like a family by the end of the job, would love to do it all over again.”

Dane Barry- Project Engineer


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