Glasto 2017 Boomtown Lost Village Festival No 6

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Give guests the royal treatment with our plush portable toilet systems and washrooms.
Sound unreal? Here are five reasons to love our loos…

Super Stylish

All style with plenty of substance. ZooLoos are as neat as they look. Made to the highest standard, our pristine portables add the “wow” factor to any event.

So Flexible

Side-by-side, back-to-front, upside down (okay, now we’re being silly), but you really can take ZooLoos anywhere. Individual cubicles? Convenient bays? Our flexible facilities will fit the bill.

Advanced technology

All our portable toilets use the latest Jets vacuum technology, creating a naturally kinder experience without releasing harmful chemicals into the air. Waste and nasty odours vanish in one quick flush. It’s the only way to go.

Help the environment

Our portable loos are as kind to the environment as they are to users. Cutting edge vacuum technology means less water is used (0.4 litres of water per flush, to be precise), cutting water usage by 90%.

Work with the best

We team up with leading suppliers, so you can have your pick of the best. Offering all you need under one roof, we cater for every event. Go extra plush with the ZooLoos Powder Room package, featuring luxury loos, showers and dressing tables. For the ultimate event, choose ZooBells luxury overnight accommodation.




From the moment you say “Help!” to the moment you say “WOW!” we’re with you every step of the way.


We work closely with clients and suppliers to make sure every final detail is perfect. Little touches make a big difference.


We’re a close-knit company that’s small enough to care, but big enough to cope.



Managing Director, “King of the Jungle”

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The roar behind the Zoo. Charles’ eureka moment came when queuing for smelly loos at a festival, hair flowing in the wind. He now holds the grail to the most versatile, eco-friendly loo system in the world. Hobbies include Land Rovers, skiing and reaching incredible speeds… on foot. Enjoys playing tag with the local cheetah population. Don’t leave in direct sunlight.


Director and Logistics Manager, “Champion bog sucker”

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Known as “Lorenzo” by some, “Wiggy” to others. “What are you doing drinking tea! We haven’t got time for tea!”
Our AutoCAD technician. Natural sense of direction, Satnav? Get a map! Eyes of a hawk and strength of a bear. Can’t talk right now, I’m sucking out a bog. Owns a square foot of land on the Glencairn Estate. Aviated around the globe, made movies with the big shots, wishes he’d never taken that call……..


Director, “Lord of the Bells”

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Heads up ZooBells and currently in training for Bed Hair of the Year. Ben started his career among the bright lights of Bristol as an Assistant Director for television dramas Skins and Mistresses. Survives days without food or sleep and carries the strength of a much larger mammal. Spends the winter months locked away, building his knowledge of every movie ever made. Wrote the book on Rock and Roll… then lost it. Runs on whiskey.


Company Assistant, “Zookeeper”

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Keeper of the Zoo, voice on the phone, resident office DJ. ZooLoos’ Social Media Manager, Health and Safety Official… and pretty much everything else. Holds the key to being the only girl and not having a nervous breakdown. Disney fan, shoe queen, fine diner and tea connoisseur. Winner of Pug Lover of the Year for three consecutive years. She didn’t choose the pug life; the pug life chose her.


Project Co-ordinator, “Chief Google Search Operator”

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Bikes, beards and no fears*. Joined the Zoo after three very blurry years at university… He is still unsure which degree he actually took… All he does know is he passed with flying colours. Not to be trusted with keys. Part-time vacuum engineer. Full-time hero. Beer pong champion. Often found in or around showers – not working… he just likes being clean.
*Promotion excludes heights and wasps.


Crew Member, “Mowgli of the Jungle”

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Fan of wearing Arsenal shirts and finishing fourth. Retired from a career as an international pig farmer to pursue dreams of being a dancer and conquering the glitz and glamour of Dutch nightlife. Turned his attention to becoming a team member for the greatest events company in the wild (dance moves still included). Guinness connoisseur. Pun extraordinaire. Loves the job, but it gets zoo much.


Yard Supervisor, “Tinkerer”

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Fixer of all things bogs. Always tinkering in an off-white shirt. Chocolatier. National Hunt fan. Tipster extraordinaire. Gardener. Test cricket addict. A flat cap and hearty laugh, Charlie’s the go-to guy for the nuts and bolts.


Go in style

The party is wild, but the facilities don’t have to be. Make it an event to remember for all the right reasons.

T: +44 (0)1258 840233
E: [email protected]

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