Glasto 2019 Boomtown Lost Village

Thanks so much for using ZooLoos at Boomtown Fair, Chapter 10!

We hope you had a great time at the festival. 

How do I get a ZooLoo pass?

To book please click the ‘book now’ button, this will take you to Boomtown’s ticket page (please ensure you’ve bought a festival ticket before booking ZooLoos) scroll down to ‘other items’ and you should see ‘ZooLoos’ at the bottom. Select your desired quantity and scroll down and click ‘Reserve Tickets’. Please bring your paper ticket with you and it will be exchanged for a wristband on site.

Can I change my location?

Please contact the Ticket Sellers directly who will be able to change the location. Best number to reach them on is 0121 472 6688. They are available 24 hours a day.

I’ve lost my ticket, what do I do?

You can log in to your ticket sellers account and reprint it. The Ticket Sellers can help with any ticket questions.

Do children enter for free?

Children under 12 will be allowed full use of the ZooLoos areas for free. Teens are full price.

Where are the ZooLoos area’s located?

See below for a map of the Boomtown 2018 site with the Downtown and Hilltop ZooLoos locations highlighted.


ZooLoos at Boomtown 2018 Ticket includes:

  • Luxury Clean Vacuum Toilets at all locations
  • Hot private showers at chosen location
  • Hair & makeup pamper areas at all locations
  • Hair dryers and straighteners at all locations

Opening times

  • Thursday – 12pm -12am
  • Friday, Saturday & Sunday – 7am -12am
  • Monday – 7am – 12pm

**Please note that this year ZooLoos at Boomtown will only be providing two Powder Room areas; Hilltop and Downtown and NOT the Wild West Area. This is due to Boomtown site changes. However the two areas we are providing will be much larger and will still offer all the usual luxury facilities!**



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